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Do you want to increase your monthly sale volume and to learn how to buy leads?
Buy leads

Lead buyers

Buyers can directly buy leads and appointments they need according to their criteria and industry.

Lead seller

Lead sellers can list the leads and appointments they generat for the purpose of selling them to businesses.
The steps explained
Bigaffiliation allows a simple selection of leads and appointments.
1. Free registration

1. Selection des critères

As a buyer, you select your criteria so that only the leads and appointments that correspond to your activity, your locality and your needs are displayed in the marketplace.
2. Adding leads to the basket
3. Management of purchased leads
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Simple and Powerful

Bigaffiliation offers a multitude of features allowing lead buyers to receive quality leads at the lowest prices on the market. The numerous sectors of activity offered on the platform allows all types of companies to aquire leads for potential customers. The sellers profit from an interplace allowing the follow-up of their incomes.
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