A new type of campaign

Receive or generate mass calls using predictive calls and call robots integrated into the available databases.
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The steps explained
BigAffiliation allows you to run an inbound or outbound call campaign in minutes.
1. Free registration
Once registered, you have the option of being called or contacting thousands of contact cards waiting to be put in touch with a company like yours.
2. Selection of files to call
3. Receiving your calls
Utouch app

Choose your phone number

You can buy within a minute a local telephone number of the country with which you work, in order to be easily contacted by all of your customers.

Easy recording of agent calls

Select the conversations you want to keep; they will nbe kept with the same audio quality and will be usable on your computer. You can then archive them, listen to them again or send them by email.

Call automation for more efficiency

Test the effectiveness of call automation to increase your sales. You perform up to 9 calls at the same time and increase your chances of having a conversation. Start providing your salespeople with continuous calls throughout the day!

Simple and Powerful

Bigaffiliation offers a multitude of features allowing lead buyers to receive quality prospects at the lowest market prices. The numerous sectors of activity offered on the platform allow all types of companies to provide themselves with leads for potential customers. Sellers, meanwhile, benefit from an interface for monitoring their income.
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