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Technical and marketing solutions allowing to receive qualified incoming calls but also to generate them on more than 280 business sectors.
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A new affiliate model

In short

BigAffiliation allows affiliates to integrate a system on their landing page which offers the possibility to put prospects immediately in touch with an agent.

We offer companies the unique choice of buying qualified incoming calls and converting them directly into customers over the phone. They can also generate calls with our call robots or our predictive calls using the databases rented by our affiliates.

Customers on demand

Manage incoming customer flow simply by flipping a switch. Your sales agents will now devote 100% of their time talking with potential clients and not unsuccessfully searching for prospects.

Agent call qualification

Say goodbye to unqualified calls! Affiliates registered on BigAffiliation ensure the qualification of prospects before transferring the call at the end of the conversation to your call center. Your potential customers experience professional, courteous human interaction.

An innovative way to generate thousands of calls by yourself

What if yellow pages provided relevant lead information? With BigAffiliation this wish becomes reality! Indeed, among the millions of contacts that await you, you can select only those ones that you target. Once the data has been filtered, all you have to do is click on a button to generate thousands of calls simultaneously, thereby feeding your call center continuously.

Choosing a phone number is easy with BigAffiliation

You can get with a click a local telephone number, of the country with which you work, in order to be easily contacted by all of your customers.

Easy recording of agent calls

Select the conversations you want to keep.  The audio quality will be kept and can be usable on your computer. You can then archive them, listen to them again or send them by email.

Call automation for more efficiency

Test the effectiveness of call automation to increase your sales. Numerous calls can be launched at the same time to be sure of an immediate answer. So that your sellers will be provided calls continuously throughout the day.
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